A Great Success: the CCSAs 3rd Annual Educational Roundtables
Presented jointly by the CCSA and ISSA

The San Diego and Contra Costa Pavement Preservation Roundtables organized and put on by the California Chip Seal Association and International Slurry Surfacing Association brought together close to 100 local, county and state public work professionals and a host of Industry experts.  The days training presentations and hands on demonstrations encompassing construction scenarios and the latest innovations were well received for their valuable content.  The finale of the Roundtables were  very interesting open forums that went long as agency personnel discussed their maintenance  issues and successes with a wide variety of experts in contracting, supply and equipment manufacturing.

2015 Pavement Preservation Workshop Attended by over 270!

The 2015 CCSA Pavement Preservation Workshop was attended by over 270 people representing industry, cities, counties and caltrans.  The workshop was held Feb 4-5 at the Pacific Palms Conference Center in the City of Industry.  New president Katrina Lynch, Mead Westvaco, is seen here taking over from past president Scott Dmytrow, Telfer Oil Company.  A few of this years’ highlights included:

  • A slurry/micro mix design demo put on by Sallie Houston, VSSI.  Sallie showed the group the interaction between the components of a slurry mix design and how they work to speed up or slow down a mix.
  • Jerry Dankbar, City of Roseville showed us how the city has used various treatments to develop a pavement preservation program that encompasses all the city street conditions.
  • Many of the CCSA members, like APS shown to the left,  had booths showing the advancement of technology in the industry
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Gary Hildebrand.  He has spent his 46 year career installing and promoting pavement preservation processes and materials. Gary spent 33 years with Caltrans before moving on to the private sector where he continues his work to this day.  The CCSA salutes Gary Hildebrand for his contributions to our industry.