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WRAPP/UNR/NDOT/NCPP Preservation Training and Certification

WRAPP in conjunction with the University of Nevada Reno Western Regional Superpave Center and NDOT will host a 2 day training and NCPP Certification program, March 28-29, 2017.  For more info and to reserve a spot for the WRAPP training and to also sign up with NCPP for the Certification Testing click on the link below to go to the pertinent registrations.

San Diego Area
Section 37 Training

This training is currently on hold.

WRAPP in conjunction with CALTRANS will hold a Section 37 training class in San Diego TBD.

Central California
Section 37 Training

WRAPP in conjunction with CALTRANS will hold a Section 37 training class in Fresno May 4, 2017.

Please click below for pertinent information and to register for this limited space event which was held last year in other venues to great reviews.

  2017 WRAPP Workshop Wrapp-Up  

The results are in and the over 260 attendees to the The 2017  Western Regional Association for Pavement Preservation Workshop have given an A grade to this two day information packed annual function. 21 speakers from various Federal, State, Local Agencies, Academia, National and Western State Pavement Preservation  and Industry Experts presented the latest and greatest on various cost effective, green techniques in the Pavement Preservation Toolbox. Multiple Speakers provided information about various Government and University studies, hands on project results and new techniques and products concerning the  Workshop Theme of  “Going Green”. The theme of Pavement Preservation’s value was repeated multiple times by Agency and Federal officials and how its proven cost effectiveness is more and more a factor in today’s limited budget world.

Weather, a major concern this winter in California, cooperated for the Workshop and attendees were able to stroll the outdoor equipment area without the threat of rain.

All of the presentations are being uploaded onto the website and will be available shortly for you to read and share.